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NBA Draft

Jevon Carter NBA Draft Breakdown

Garrett Furubayashi



Compiled and written by Leif Thulin


Position: PG

College: West Virginia


Height w/o Shoes: 6’0.25”

Height w/ Shoes:6’1.5”

Weight: 196.2 lbs

Wingspan: 6’4.25”

Standing Reach:

Max Vertical: 36.5”

College Statistics (2017/2018)

MPG: 34.7

PPG: 17.3

RPG: 4.6


BLKPG: 0.4

STLPG: 3.0

FT%: 85.8%

2-PT FG%: 44.1%

3-PT FG%: 39.3%

Comparisons: Derek Fisher, Fred Van Fleet, Jerryd Bayless

3 Things to Know

  1. His calling card is his defensive pressure and an endless motor.
  2. He played 4 years at a very good school, growing each year into the All-American label, showing maturity, benefitting from experience that is exemplified in his game with his few mistakes and excellent leadership.
  3. Jevon Carter doesn’t wow anyone athletically or physically but his IQ and intangibles are off the charts, defending unbelievably and shooting great percentages from the field, 3, and the free throw line.

Strengths: (Via the Ringer)

– Incredible defender.

– Amazing hands. (3 steals per game)

– Fabulous motor.

– Reliable defending larger guards, always battling for rebounds amongst the trees.

– Will be able to defend in the NBA instantly.

– A selfless player who has experience running the 1 and facilitating from the pick and roll.

– A good spot-up shooter with the capacity to shoot the NBA 3.

– He is a winner and a leader.

– Was an unranked player out of high school, ending his collegiate career as an All-American.

Weaknesses: (Via the Ringer)





– Lacks the size to defend multiple positions but will put incredible effort in to do so.

– Average ball handler with mediocre speed. This inhibits his offensive repertoire going forward.

– Settles around the rim, shooting floaters due to his lack of size and explosive ability.


Jevon Carter is a coaches dream due to his effort and leadership, yet he lacks the measurables to be as highly desired as one ordinarily would be with the title all American, shooting nearly 86% from the line and 39% from 3 with those being complementary to his best attribute of tenacious defense. His diminutive size and lack of length reduce the defensive allure he presents due to the quasi-necessity that switching screens is today. This would mean, he could very nearly almost exclusively defend point guards. His upside is limited due to his age and seeming like a guarantee of what a team is getting in drafting him due to his high usage in 4 years at West Virginia. His role will almost certainly be less prominent than what he had at West Virginia in a very unique scheme catering perfectly to his skill set of defensive pressure and pushing the ball. All in all, Carter can have a good role on contending teams in years to come due to his stability and incredible set of intangibles compensating for his lack of eye-dropping measurables. He projects as a early second round pick due to lack of inherent raw potential, yet projects very alluring maturity, IQ, and projectability as a consummate professional, doing his specific job at full throttle.





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