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Utah Jazz

TWITTER THREAD – Go back thru game 1 via the tweets of @lockedonsports

David Locke



Utah Jazz slicing up the Oklahoma City Thunder defense off to a 16 to 4 start. Mitchell with an amazing start. 9 points. Jazz want Thunder late in the shot clock have them late on 5 of first 7 possessions

Pace has been very fast
Thunder offensive rating is 104.5
Jazz offensive rating is 92.9

Jazz only turning it over on 10% of possessions but not making shot. 4 of 14 from 3.

Joe Ingles has no assists and no rebounds. That has not happened all season in the first half of a game

Two points of view
Optimist – Thunder stars have been great and Jazz are just 4 of 14 from three and down 6.

Pessimist: Their stars are great and the playoffs are a stars time.

Playoff P is fabulous tonight. Paul George has 26 points of 9 of 14 from the field. Paul George is a real problem for the Jazz in this series. Thunder lead it 62-53 with 8:50 left in the 3rd quarter

Last time someone showed something as much Thunder showed the replay on Rubio is Buckwheat has been shot on SNL
The foul on Gobert did not exist on the replay I saw and it was his 4th and he goes to the bench with Jazz down 68-61

This doesn’t feel good. Jazz trail 70-61 and feels like a lot more or that it is about to be a lot more. Whistle not going there way. No rhythm to the offense. Westbrook usually checks out right now. Jazz need to go on run.

Paul George is unreal. 31 points on 17 shots. 7 of 10 from three. Donovan Mitchell has been great 23 points and 10 rebounds. However, Mitchell in serious pain and going to the locker-room


Donovan Mitchell is on his way to the Thunder locker-room to get x-rays of his foot acccording to @tonyparkszone

Paul George is unstoppable so Jazz have broken out of their normal defense and are doubling the ball. George unselfishly has moved the ball out of the double each time and Abrines has two three pointers. Thunder up 92-80 with 8:23. Paul George has been amazing in all facets

Donovan Mitchell now getting ready to check back in the game

Donovan Mitchell becomes the 12th rookie in NBA history to score 27 points in his first playoff game. Brandon Jennings in 2010 had 34 and Derrick Rose has 36 in 2009

Russell Westbrook does not care about his numbers don’t watch him ask him

Thunder have been great tonight. If this is playoff Thunder look out. Paul George brilliant. Carmelo not a negative. Westbrook has made enough shots and they are 14 of 28 from three. They are as good as they can be right now

Thunder win Game 1 116-108 — Paul George was fabulous 36 points on 13 of 20 shooting. Westbrook had 29 points on 10 of 25 (think the Jazz would be ok with that on most nights) Thunder 14 of 29 from three

David Locke enters his ninth year as the radio play-by-play voice of the Utah Jazz, having spent the majority of his career in radio in Salt Lake City and Seattle. In the summer of 2016, Locke created the Locked on Podcast Network which has podcast daily bite sized podcasts for every NBA and NFL team. A native of Palo Alto, Calif., Locke graduated from Occidental College in Los Angeles with a degree in Political Science and Sociology. Locke and his wife have a son and a daughter.

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Utah Jazz

JAZZ GAME REWIND – Recap of Jazz opening night win in Sacramento

David Locke



Utah Jazz radio team brings you this short condensed recap of the Jazz opening night win.  Voiced by Conner Varney you get a the best moments, the players of the game and the stats of the game.

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Utah Jazz

EMPTYING THE NOGGIN – Smart shots and wins aren’t easy

David Locke




SUMMARY:  Jazz overcome brutal starts to the 1st and 3rd quarter to win in Sacramento ending a streak of 5 straight road opening losses.

  • Nothing pretty here.  However, road openers are not easy wins no matter who you are playing and I could make a strong argument this is as good as Sacramento will be all year, fresh, fast, at home and geeked for the home crowd.


  • The Jazz defense was not good in this game. The Kings ran up the floor on the Jazz and played a great pick and roll game with DeAaron Fox and Willie Cauley Stein


  • The league is so good. The influx of talent over the last few years in an era where all the best athletes are playing basketball, the increase of international players and the lack of expansion means every team is really talented.  They won’t win a lot of games, but these teams are loaded with talent because the league has never been deeper.


  • The Jazz starters had a really bad night. The Kings started the night on a 18-4 run and then went on a 9-0 run to start the 3rd


  • Alec Burks, Dante Exum and Jae Crowder changed the game. Alec busted the top off the basket and hit a three and got the Jazz going.  Dante’s speed opened the game up and Jae Crowder hit a bunch of big shots.


  • Welcome to Rudy Gobert’s new world. Willie Cauley-Stein who has been criticized for taking nights off and being inconsistent was ready tonight and came at the Defensive Player of the Year with the intention of proving a point.  Cauley-Stein was terrific.  He went into Gobert’s body.  His pick and roll with Fox was a problem for the Jazz.   From a Kings standpoint it will be interesting to see if keeps that type of focus in games not involving the Defensive Player of the Year


  • The Jazz shot distribution was great. Unofficially, I had the Jazz with 80% of their shots as restricted area or 3 point shots.  Only 34% of their shots were three point shots but they live at the rim at 46% of their shots.  When teams have this shot distribution they win at a very high rate.


  • Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert were an offensive force. 14 of 17 from the field.  37 points on 17 shot attempts for Favors and Gobert.  That will guarantee a very high level offense if the Jazz can replicate that.


  • The bad starts to the 1st and 3rd were a bit unnerving and not being able to put the defensive clamps down was a bit surprising but to be able to have the depth and system to overcome those two things is what separates good teams.


  • Donovan Mitchell had a regular night. He struggled to get shots at the rim.  He turned it over a bit more.  It was a struggle.  Yet, his struggle was 24 points on 21 shots.  If that is the struggle that is a pretty special player.  If he hits one more three all of a sudden it is 27 and it is a big night.


  • Joe Ingles was vital in the 2nd quarter to get the Jazz rolling. They went under picks and he made them pay.  In the 2nd half the Kings no longer gave him the same looks.    22 points on 9 of 12 shooting.


  • AB 3 for 3 from three, Crowder 2 for 4 from three, Dante 1 for 3. These were vital.


  • Jazz offensive rating was 116. Defensive rating was 110 and Pace was crazy fast at 106.


  • Jazz were 3 of 16 on non-restricted area 2s, Kings were 15 of 36 on non-resticted area 2s.  I could make a strong argument that smart shot distribution won the Jazz the game.
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Utah Jazz

POSTCAST – Locke and Boone after the Jazz win the opener in Sacramento

David Locke



Utah Jazz post game show on the podcast – David Locke and Ron Boone break down the Utah Jazz win. They talk about the great bench play and how they were the key to the win. What went wrong defensively for the Utah Jazz tonight? Plus, the Jazz offensive plan to get Derrick Favors and Rudy Gobert the ball at the rim was very important for the win.

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