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Rockets 8 Jazz 2 with 9:26 left in 1st quarter
Rockets get two early threes and Eric Gordon attacks Jae Crowder quickly. Jazz are trying to push but aren’t getting anything out of the early thrust.

Rockets 22 Jazz 19 with 2:42 1st quarter
Rubio with great defense on James Harden. Perfectly executing the game plan of forcing him right and keeping him from his step back 3 and driving him into Gobert. Minute Rubio checks out Harden gets back to back buckets on D breakdowns

Rockets 34 Jazz 23 with 7:34 2nd quarter
Jazz have missed 15 straight shots, the last make was Ricky Rubio at the 4:05
Rockets 37 Jazz 30 with 5:15 left in the 2nd quarter
Jazz finally get hit one. Ricky Rubio hits a three with 7:11 left in the 2nd quarter. He had hit the previous shot as well at the 4:05 in the 1st quarter. Jazz didn’t have a single field goal while Rubio was on bench

Rockets 46 Jazz 32 with 3:07 left in 2nd quarter
Jazz defense has been amazing tonight. For the Rockets the #1 offensive team in the last 20 games to have an offensive rating of 103 when the offense is 12 of 41 and has missed 10 shots at the rim is remarkable

Rockets 50 Jazz 37 Halftime
Almost exact same script as Orlando late in 1st quarter the offense loses its flow
Jazz are 22 of 88 in the last two first halfs
18 of 47 at the rim in the last 6 quarters

Rockets 57 Jazz 56 with 6:55 left in the 3rd quarter
Jazz went on a 17 to 2 run from the late 2nd quarter to the 3rd quarter.
After missing 17 straight shots I really didn’t think Jazz would have the ball with a chance to take the lead tonight.

Rockets 66 Jazz 60 with 5:39 in the 3rd quarter
James Harden is cooking. He takes advantage of every mistake. Jazz entire game plan is to not allow the step back. One possession after driving at Crowder he knows he is worried about drive and steps back for three.

Rockets 90 Jazz 81 with 7:00 left in 4th quarter
James Harden has been great – 37 points
Harden hasn’t sat down in 2nd half can fatigue become an issue

Rockets 94 Jazz 90 with 2:56 4th quarter
I have no idea if there was a foul on Rubio’s drive or not what I HATE is the league is asking three officials to run up and down the floor with world class athletes half their age and make calls. No chance Dalen could see that

Rockets 102 Jazz 97 Final
Harden with 47
Amazing defensive effort from Jazz